Muscles & weight, truth and myths!

Muscles & weight, truth and myths!

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Are you one of those who think that you never loose weight or that you don’t dare to train with weights because you think you will gain in weight? Then I think you should read this to find out how this really works.

Get rid of the scale!

There are a lot of people that wants to loose weight, and hopefully not only because the beach season is coming rapidly. Everyday our magazines and newspapers are screaming their messages: “how to loose weight in two weeks” or “the VIP’s secret diets tips”. We have all read them and are all wondering how it really works.

The key to loose weight is your energy consumption and the best way to activate your energy consumption is to activate you. By changing the intensity in your training or by training during a longer time you will increase your energy consumption. Then there is another trick to increase your energy consumption – weight training. How does this work? Muscles do weight more than fat!

It is actually not so much about loosing weight, its more about thinking differently. With weight training you will increase your muscle volume and the increased muscle volume will increase your weight. This is something many people, especially females, are afraid of. So get rid of your scale and buy a new mirror instead! The increased muscle volume will help your energy consumption, both when you are resting and when you are training. The muscles will also, thanks to an increased burning effect, make you slimmer. So in the end: what does the weight matter when you anyway will look slim?

Train right!

Another myth we can kill is that you will get big and bulky muscles with weight training. There are very few people that can get big and bulky muscles by training with weights, most of us have to work very hard in order to get visible results. If you train with weights and keep to 10-15 repetitions, 1-2 sets and use as much weight that you will barely make the last repetition, then you will be fine. You will be gifted with very nice and well defined muscles and not big and bulky muscles a la Arnold.

Your diet!

Lastly, your diet habits. Eat more often and burn more fat. I know it sounds strange, but it is proven that if you eat often you will burn more fat. Despite the three main meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, you should eat two minor meals. Good minor meals are fruit or a small sandwich of dark bread. The breakfast is the most important meal since you have been fasting the whole night. The diner is of less importance since the body doesn’t waste mush energy during the night. So eat breakfast as a king, lunch as a prince and dinner as a beggar.

Good luck!

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World Class Sweden

World Class Sweden

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